About us

The Bahlsen story

Our baked goods stand for enjoyment and love of live. For generations - more than 130 years now - the sweet pleasure of biscuits has been associated with the Bahlsen name. The unmistakable taste, the consistently high quality and trust in the product have made Bahlsen what it is today: a successful and modern family company. The company owes this strong position to a history going back more than 130 years.


Company's foundation

The company was founded on 1 July as Hermann Bahlsen (1859-1919) takes over the Fabrikgeschäft engl. Cakes und Biscuits" company on Friesenstrasse in Hannover from H. Schmuckler and renames it "Hannoversche Cakesfabrik H. Bahlsen".

First Assembly Line in Europe

Besides the first punch card, Bahlsen introduces Europe's first assembly line, eight years before Henry Ford adopts it in the automotive industry.

High Quality Standards

In order to ensure high quality standards Bahlsen institutes physical and chemical laboratories. Furthermore, Bahlsen receives an export license. The first foreign shipment goes to Switzerland.

Export to USA

Under the direction of Werner Bahlsen the company starts exporting products to the USA.

Bahlsen becomes International

Foundation of the first Bahlsen sales companies in France and Italy. Austria and other countries follow.

The Third Generation: Werner M. Bahlsen joins

Werner M. Bahlsen, Werner Bahlsen's youngest son, joins the company. His brother Lorenz Bahlsen already joined in 1973.

New Brand Strategy

Bahlsen introdes its new brand strategy: Two umbrella brands - BAHLSEN and LEIBNIZ - now represent the company throughout the world.

Plant in Barsinghausen wins "Factory of the Year"

After wide-ranging modernisation work, the Barsinghausen plant is awarded the "Factory of the Year" prize. The "Factory of the Year" is an annual benchmarking event known as the toughest benchmarking test for manufacturing companies throughout Europe.

Celebrating of the company's 125th birthday

On 1 July 2014 Bahlsen turns 125 years old. In October 2014, the anniversary is celebrated officially. For the first time in the history of the company, all 2,500 employees from around the world are invited to Hannover.

130 years of LEIBNIZ butter biscuits

Leibniz butter biscuits celebrates its 130th anniversary - one of the world's oldest branded products.

Our Craft

What happens when you combine more than 130 years of baking experience with selected ingredients? To find out, you only have to try one of our fine products. Whether it’s biscuits, waffles or puff pastries – our passion is baked into every single one.

Our Ingredients
We bake with love and with carefully selected ingredients of the very highest quality such as fine cocoa and sun-ripened hazelnuts.

Palm Oil
We exclusively use sustainably-produced palm oil for the manufacture of our products. As a member of the forum for sustainable palm oil RSPO we also advocate moving towards more ecological and social sustainability.

Our hazelnuts grow in perfect climate conditions which helps them to develop an unmistakably intensive aroma.

Our cocoa ensures the finest dark chocolate taste and represents sustainable UTZ-certified cultivation.

Hardened fats, Animal products, except: Milk, dairy products, eggs, egg products, honey and Preservatives or colors.

Our Cocoa

Bahlsen cares for and supports sustainable cocoa cultivation.
Bahlsen products are perfect for all those who are curious, open-minded, adventurous, and who enjoy life. As well as crunchy cookies, delicious chocolate is also an important part of our product range. As the leading manufacturer in the European baked confectionery industry, Bahlsen has a responsibility to both society and the environment.

UTZ Certified
Cocoa In one of the Mayan languages the word “UTZ” means “good”.
UTZ Certified is a program and a quality seal for the sustainable cultivation of coffee, cocoa and tea. Sustainable agriculture supports farmers, workers and their families in reaching their objectives and at the same time contributes to the protection of our natural resources – now and in the future.

For the cultivation of sustainable, certified cocoa, the cocoa farmers are trained by UTZ Certified in the areas of business administration, social working conditions and environmental management. This then helps them to work more successfully, attain higher yields, and increase the standard of living for the whole family.

Increased sustainability in the cocoa industry is very important to Bahlsen.
For years, Bahlsen has made regular visits to cocoa-growing areas in West Africa. This has allowed us to establish relations with cooperatives, and to find out more about the farmers’ situation and their problems over time. We intend to continue to intensify this exchange. In 2011, our respective activities led to cooperation with a cooperative on the Ivory Coast. The members of this cooperative enjoy direct financial support from Bahlsen. In this way, we have been able to contribute to the financing of two lorries to make it possible to transport the cocoa from the plantations to a central collection point. In addition, we help local farmers to obtain UTZ-accreditation by way of start-up loans. We are also committed founding members of the “Sustainable Cocoa Forum”.